Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Book Review: At A Glance 2016-2017

At A Glance

Essential Tables for Financial Remedies


£60 - Published by Class Legal: June 2016

It's really quite simple: every family lawyer who does financial remedies work should have their own copy of the latest edition of At A Glance. I certainly recall having a copy on my shelf whilst I was still practising, and referring to it on a frequent basis. So, you can skip to the last paragraph of this review, and order your new copy, if you haven't done so already.

OK, I suppose I should say a few words, both to explain to the uninitiated what At A Glance is, and to set out what has changed for this edition.

At A Glance is a conveniently slim A4-sized handbook crammed with tables comprising essential information for financial remedies practitioners, including relevant facts and figures (RPI, interest rates, child support calculations, Duxbury tables, tax details etc.), relevant statutory materials and rules, a comprehensive list of leading financial remedy cases (classified under subject headings), and much more. It is distributed to judges for use in the Family Court, and will be in the suitcase/bag of most advocates appearing before those judges on financial remedies cases.

What is new/different with this year's edition? Well, all of the tables have been fully updated (natch) and there is one new table, on the enticing subject of Income Tax and National Insurance Marginal Deductions. Alas, we have lost two tables, albeit not through any decision of the editors. Both Child Care Costs and Car Running Costs have gone, as they are no longer published by the providers, and there are no satisfactory alternatives. Still, that doesn't make At A Glance any 'less essential'.

At A Glance can be purchased (at the same price as last year) from Class Legal, here. And for those firms with larger family law departments you can save money providing all fee earners with a copy, as Class Legal have a special offer whereby if you buy five you get one free. You can't say fairer than that.

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