Clamour for family mediation training following TV series spotlight on the profession

A TV programme that gives viewers a glimpse into the private world of family mediation has caused a spike in enquiries from people interested in joining the profession.

BBC Two’s three-part fly-on-the-wall documentary ‘Mr v Mrs: Call The Mediator’ has not only led to a big increase  in enquiries to National Family Mediation (NFM), the charity that gave exclusive camera access to its services, but a big rise in demand for the organisation’s training courses.

“The day after the first episode was broadcast, our office took 18 calls from people who wanted to know how they go about re-training to become a family mediator,” said Jane Robey, CEO of NFM.

“Ever since there’s been a steady flow of further enquiries, and so we’ve brought forward plans for our next wave of family mediation training courses, which are open to all.”

She said family mediators come from a range of backgrounds: “There’s no right or wrong entry path, and a rewarding and fulfilling career helping separated couples reach settlements lies ahead.

“As the largest provider of family mediation in England and Wales, our mediator trainers lead the way, with field-leading courses that equip people with a comprehensive and inclusive set of skills and knowledge.

“Visits to the NFM website have gone through the roof since the programme was first aired, but the clamour for training is perhaps the biggest story emerging from the broadcast of this ground-breaking programme.”

One –day foundation training courses will be running as follows:

•             Thursday 4 August 2016, London
•             Tuesday 6 September 2016, Birmingham
•             Tuesday 18 October 2016, Birmingham
•             Wednesday 19 October 2016, London

To find out more, call 0300 4000 636 or email

“In-depth follow-up specialist courses are also available to those who have taken this important first step to a new career,” added Jane Robey.

With eight out of 10 NFM cases resulting in successful resolution, family mediation can be an intense but effective process - as the separated couples make plans together, face-to-face, with the help of a skilled mediator. Using a hybrid of mediation sessions and home interviews, the TV series allows viewers to see how families deal with the practical and emotional reality of the changes they agree upon.