Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The future of judgments...

Mr Justice Jackson’s judgment in Lancashire County Council v M & Ors, written in plain English for the parties and older children to understand, has received much praise amongst family lawyers, who clearly see it as a model for judgments in future. I therefore wondered just what those future judgments might look like…

Case Reference: [2025] CWCLTAH 1
1st April 2025



MRS NODDY      Wifey


MR NODDY      Hubby

1. I will keep this judgment and the words in it as short as possible, so that any idiot can understand it.

2. Once upon a time there lived two very nice people, named Mr and Mrs Noddy.

3. Sadly, children, Mr and Mrs Noddy did not live happily ever after.

4. One day last year poor Mr and Mrs Noddy were attacked by the Big Bad Divorce Dragon, and they have been unhappy ever since.

5. Mr and Mrs Noddy have asked me to kill the Big Bad Divorce Dragon, so that they can live happily again, in two separate nice thatched cottages in Happilyeverafter Land.

6. So that they can buy those two nice thatched cottages I have decided that their howwible house where they live now should be sold, and the pennies that the buyer pays them should be put on a big scales and divided equally between Mr and Mrs Noddy.

Etc., etc…

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