Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Exploding Phones and Explosive Claims: Your Rights When Products Fail

Many products promise to make our lives easier, but all too often they do exactly the opposite. Here’s what you need to know about defective products and how to claim compensation in the event of something terrible happening

Britain is still in the European Union and, while it untangles itself from the bloc over the next two years, we remain guided and ruled by its many laws and regulations, including for the countless consumer products we import and produce at home. Naturally, the rules are strict. They're designed to protect the consumer by doing what they say they will: to be durable and safe to use.

But as we know, consumer products can often be anything but durable and safe, and real injuries can be caused by using them. It’s one of the main reasons for No Win, No Fee accident claims. Right now, a popular make of smartphone is causing all manner of consternation – and injury – by spectacularly bursting into flames. In the US alone, Samsung has recalled around 1.9 million Galaxy Note 7 smartphones due to a faulty battery, and has even called a halt to production.

So dire is the problem — and the potential for catastrophe — that airlines around the world have banned them. Some are even resorting to using fire-resistant bags to contain the devices, should they erupt into mini infernos while up in the air. Not surprisingly, owners are now looking for the best No Win, No Fee solicitors they can find to handle compensation claims.

Everyday Product Liability and Making Personal Injury Claims

It's not all about high-tech gone wrong, though. Even ordinary appliances in the home can cause major problems. Washing machines and dryers can also go haywire, triggering blazes that can destroy homes and lives. Food, drinks, hair dyes – so much of what we ingest or use on our bodies has the potential to cause problems, even poison us.

Families with small children are always on the lookout for the dangers of the many small toys they play with. It’s not only the very real risk of swallowing a toy and choking on it, but also the tiny parts, such as button batteries, that can pose real problems — and there are new concerns emerging all the time.

One of the latest is what you may well put in your cup of tea or coffee: sugar. We're increasingly being told this once-essential sweetener may actually be toxic to the body and cause a number of conditions and diseases. In much the same way as the tobacco industry was targeted with mass compensation claims for damaging people’s health and killing them, now sugar manufacturers may be dragged into court.

Among the many other potential hazards in and around the home are balconies, garden tools, all kinds of chemicals (cleaning, painting, stripping products) and a whole lot more. It’s a wonder the majority of us manage to stay safe and well at all.

No Win No Fee Accident Claims for Product Liability

So what does the law say about product liability and your ability to make No Win, No Fee accident claims when things go badly wrong? First of all, as with any type of personal injury claim, whatever happened – damage, destruction, or injury to you or your loved ones – cannot have been caused by you. It must be entirely the fault of the product itself.

You are protected by legal responsibilities not only on manufacturers to make sure their products are safe to use, but also wholesalers and the shops that sell the products. These three entities must ensure their products contain sufficient warnings about possible risks in using them, as well as providing ample information on how to avoid injury or damage. They're also legally bound to monitor their products so that they're always in compliance with evolving safety laws. If they're not, they have to bring them up to date as quickly as possible.

Almost all have product liability insurance, so if something does happen and someone is injured or damage is caused by using a product, there are funds available for compensation. Certainly for families that fall victim to defective products, it makes sense to reduce their financial burden by searching for No Win, No Fee solicitors instead of paying to get a claim started. Hopefully then, it will be a win-win all round.

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