News Essentials: 21st November 2016

A brief summary of the essential family law news and cases from the last week:

Court of Appeal gives important judgment about witnesses’ rights to appeal in family proceedings
Witnesses subject of adverse judicial findings may challenge judge’s findings on appeal. Full story: Family Law Week. See Re W, below.

Orders made to secure 14 year old's wish to be cryo-preserved upon death
Court was not approving or encouraging cryonics: Peter Jackson J. Full story: Family Law Week. See Re JS, below.

English councils confirm they set targets for number of children to be adopted
In response to a Freedom of Information Act request made by The Transparency Project to 172 councils, 12 English councils have confirmed, sent or published documents showing that they use numerical targets for adoption. Full story: Family Law Week.

Legal Aid Agency rapped over approach to damages payable to ward of court
A High Court judge has severely criticised the Legal Aid Agency's actions in a case concerning a ward of court to whom a local authority had agreed to pay damages for the unauthorised release of information. Full story: Local Government Lawyer. See P v A Local Authority, below.

Shorter care proceedings improving placement stability, research says
A research study into a pilot conducted before the introduction of the 26 week Public Law Outline also found it shortened the time it took for children to find a placement. Full story: Community Care.

London council children's services data breach as court bundle lost
A London council has been warned to strengthen its protection of personal information after a social worker left court documents on the roof of her car and drove off. Full story: Family Law Week.

Pension sharing not available in relation to a foreign pension
Wife's claim for a pension sharing order failed in long-running dispute. Full story: Family Law Week. See Goyal v Goyal.

JS (Disposal of Body), Re [2016] EWHC 2859 (Fam) (10 November 2016)
Judgment concerning issue of whether the body of a terminally ill 14 year old girl should be cryogenically frozen. Full report: Bailii.

W (A Child), Re [2016] EWCA Civ 1140 (17 November 2016)
Appeal concerning issue of whether a witness in Family proceedings, who is the subject of adverse judicial findings and criticism, and who asserts that the process in the lower court was so unfair as to amount to a breach of his/her rights to a personal and private life under ECHR Art 8, can challenge the judge's findings on appeal. Full report: Bailii.

P v A Local Authority [2016] EWHC 2779 (Fam) (04 November 2016)
Human rights claim by 17 year old in local authority accommodation against the authority for disclosing personal information about him. Full report: Bailii.

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