Mini Book Review: Financial Remedies Practice, 2017 Edition

Financial Remedies Practice, 2017 Edition

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£99.95 - Published by Class Legal: December 2016

I once more find myself receiving a review copy of the latest edition of Financial Remedies Practice at a point when I don't have the time to embark upon a full review (receiving it just a week before Xmas doesn't help!). Accordingly, I will once again limit myself to a a quick 'mini review'.

I confess that when it was first published in 2011 I was not sure that the family law market had room for Financial Remedies Practice, After all, there is at least one other eminent and well-established publication that covers most of the same ground, even if it also covers much else relating to the practice of the Family Court. Despite my misgivings, Financial Remedies Practice has now survived into its sixth edition, carving out a niche for itself as an essential purchase for many practitioners. Perhaps the reason for that is that it goes into greater detail, making itself the most useful one-volume text on the subject of financial remedies.

For those who don't know, Financial Remedies Practice "combines authoritative Commentary on financial remedies practice and procedure together with the full, up-to-date text of the relevant Family Procedure Rules and Practice Directions." The Commentary is written by an illustrious team comprising Sir Peter Singer, Mr Justice Mostyn, Lewis Marks QC and barristers Gavin Smith and Joshua Viney.

Changes for this edition include the usual updates covering amendments to the rules and PDs, despite what the authors describe as a "slackening trend in the pace of revisions to procedure in financial proceedings"over the last year. As they also say, "judicial outpourings have, however, continued unabated, leading to significant revisions to the Commentary". These changes may not seem like much, but they are enough to expand the main text of the volume from 731 pages last year to a whopping 876 this.

All of which is quite enough to justify the investment of the very modest (and unchanged) price of £99.95.

Financial Remedies Practice is available from Class Legal, here. It is supplemented by an online version at, which includes the full text of the Commentary linked to the primary sources cited. Access to the site is included in the price.