An interesting week...

Hopefully, you will find something of interest amongst my posts this week on Marilyn Stowe’s Family Law & Divorce Blog, which included:

The case against marriage - Why some people reject the institution.

Is it just me, or are Theresa May’s domestic abuse plans odd? - A few thoughts on the proposed Domestic Violence and Abuse Act.

The tragedy of heavily contested litigation - As in AF v MF & Ors.

In praise of short judgments - May there be many more of them! (In fact, as has been pointed out to me by Stowe's Juilan Hawkhead, there has just been one: Stevenson v Stevenson.)

The most interesting thing of the week, however, was the news that Marilyn Stowe has retired from Stowe Family Law, the firm she founded more than thirty years ago. Apparently, Marilyn intends to use her new-found time “to explore new opportunities, using her expertise as a family lawyer and campaigner for justice as well as her reputation as a successful businesswoman” (somehow I couldn't see her taking it easy!). As many others have already done, I wish her all the very best, wherever those opportunities take her.

Have a good weekend.