Book Review: Dictionary of Financial Remedies, 2017 Edition

Dictionary of Financial Remedies

Hess, Duckworth & Max

£50 - Published by Class Legal: February 2017

I am minded to make this my shortest book review ever, by referring to my previous reviews of the first three editions of Dictionary of Financial Remedies (which incidentally can be found here, here and here), and explaining what is new by simply repeating what is set out in the grey circle on the lower right of the cover of this edition: "Fully updated and new entries on Arbitration, CROs (that is Civil Restraint Orders) and Interest (on debts)".

Tempting though that is, I suppose I should say just a little more, particularly for the benefit of those new to this title.

Firstly, what exactly is the Dictionary of Financial Remedies? Well, it is an A4 paperback (or digital edition, see below) book comprising (in this edition) 99 pages with some 64 entries, in alphabetical order, on various topics relevant to financial remedies, ranging from agreements through such things as compensation and sharing, to variation of settlements. The publishers describe it as " a unique reference guide to the key concepts, cases and practice of financial remedies."

The idea, of course, is to provide a quick aide-memoire for lawyers and others involved in financial remedy cases (although I think the publishers may be being a little over-optimistic when they suggest that it would be of use to litigants in person). It would be particularly handy to carry around, for example on a smartphone (again, see below).

Now, if you are already a convert, then it is obviously essential to stay up to date, and therefore the decision to purchase the latest edition is easy. If you are not a convert, then I would suggest you invest the modest sum of £50 to give Dictionary of Financial Remedies a try. You may just find it becoming an essential addition to your library.

Dictionary of Financial Remedies can be purchased from Class Legal, here. As usual, a digital edition (which can be used on all computers, including tablets and smartphones) is also available via Class Legal's website.