Government plans to reduce parental conflict are welcome, says charity

Commenting on the publication of Improving Lives: Helping workless families by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), Jane Robey (CEO of National Family Mediation) said:

“We welcome the commitments contained in this report to help reduce parental conflict, and are especially pleased by the plans to expand the role and improve the services to families provided by JobCentre Plus.

“As England and Wales’ largest provider of family mediation we look forward to further developing our relationship with the DWP in general, and with JobCentre Plus in particular.

“We have long known that divorce and separation creates many of the problems the DWP has identified in its new paper. Indeed worklessness is a frequent side effect of relationship breakdown and we feel that joining up the relevant services offers the DWP an opportunity to improve its own outcomes across a number of government departments including increasing the transfer of money through child maintenance so that it rightly reaches those who need it.”

The DWP report can be found here.