Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Is Your Partner Cheating?

Are you suspicious of your partner? Perhaps you’re in a long relationship that was once very happy, but something has changed. You’re nervous of approaching them in case you’re misreading the situation, but you’ve got a nagging doubt in the back of your mind. Are they? Aren’t they?

If you’re worried your partner has been unfaithful, here are a few indicators that your suspicions may be warranted.

Fried Brain
Your previously ‘oh so organised’ other half keeps going off on one, behaving unpredictably and clearly thinking too hard before every sentence they utter. This could indicate they’re trying to remember which lies they’ve told you and whether they’re about to contradict themselves. If they’re not trying to hide something there’s no risk in opening their mouth, but if they are, one false word could be devastating.

Grow Up
Most of us change and grow together when we’ve been in a relationship for a while. But this could means things start to become a little routine. Wild nights out become a distant memory, as you find your relationship becoming stagnant. There’s little that invigorates the soul like a new relationship. The spark of youth returns and suddenly, out of the blue, they want to go out and see the latest band. Who’s given them this new sense of excitement?

Since When Did You Listen to That Band?
Your partner has suddenly developed an enthusiasm for a band or style of music that’s completely out of character. You never expected them to like that! Sometimes, a change in taste could have an external factor behind it. Why is your dull, easy listening partner suddenly into death metal?

Mind Your Language
How about their language? New catchphrases and expressions can point to an affair. After all, we all get into a rut with our language. You can probably write down twenty of your partner’s favourite sayings, but all of a sudden they’re picking up new ones. Smell a rat?

A Break in the Routine
You’ve always wished your partner would be less predictable, but what on earth is happening? The lunchtime phone call that used to be at 12:13 is now all over the shop. ‘Oh, busy with work’, they say. Then they come home and take a shower, when they’d always picked up the newspaper and switched on the telly. You want to return to the time when this sort of behaviour would’ve had you checking your watch.

Guilt Overdrive
This is the clincher. Are they giving you surprise flowers for no good reason? Bringing home little gifts. Of course, this could be a romantic gesture, but equally it could be that they’re on a guilt trip and trying to make up to you for their little indiscretions elsewhere.

Do You Want Certainty about Your Partner’s Perceived Cheating?
There could be perfectly innocent explanations behind all of these situations, but it’s only natural you want certainty about your relationship. You have two options. Ask them outright, but accusations, if false, can be hugely destructive. Alternatively, hire a private investigator to check them out discreetly before confronting them. That’s where Insight Investigations can help you out. To find out more, contact us today.

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