Take action to avoid school summer holiday parenting nightmare, charity urges

If the May half term was a struggle as a separated parent, think what the summer holiday will bring

As children start to look forward to their long school holiday, staff at a national family charity are urging separated parents to head off summer nightmares by organising a Parenting Plan.

“The summer school holiday brings childcare headaches for separated couples, and for many those six weeks are a parenting nightmare,” says Jane Robey, Chief Executive of National Family Mediation.

She said that a number of factors force separated couples into crisis during the summer, including changes in established daily routines, and the expense of keeping family members entertained.

“Separated families often find the summer holiday is the time when parenting agreements imposed on them by courts prove to be unworkable.

“Arrangements that were imposed on them by divorce courts can be exposed as being in nobody’s interests. Pick-up, drop-offs and living arrangements that have been tolerable in term-time become inadequate when the long holiday comes.

“Resentments resurface, hostilities accelerate, and the child can be caught helplessly in the middle,” she adds.

She highlights lifeline help for parents facing a miserable summer: “A Parenting Plan is an agreement made by separated parents, covering how the children will be supported and cared for in the years after separation,” she says.

“Its value is that you both tailor it to suit your own circumstances. Over time, as the lives of separated families change, the Plan can be revisited. It’s not just the parents whose needs change; the children’s do too as they grow up."

To find out more, call NFM on 0300 4000 636 or visit www.nfm.org.uk.