Not a book review: Standard Family Orders Handbook, Volume 1 - Financial and Enforcement

Standard Family Orders Handbook

Volume 1 - Financial and Enforcement

His Honour Judge Edward Hess

£60 - Published by Class Legal, in association with the FLBA: January 2018

Earlier this week I received an enquiry from a legal publisher, asking me if I would be interested in reviewing a book for them. I replied, saying that unfortunately I do not presently have the time to do justice to reviewing a book. Two days later I received a review copy of Standard Family Orders Handbook, Volume 1 - Financial and Enforcement from another legal publisher.

I am in luck, however, as the Handbook, as I shall call it, does not require a review, as it is an essential purchase for all practitioners.

As you will no doubt already have gathered, the Handbook contains the Standard Financial and Enforcement Orders referred to in the Practice Guidance issued by the President last November. It also includes a commentary on how and when to use each order written by HHJ Hess, together with useful practice points interwoven into the orders. As with the original orders, green colouring is used where the draft orders incorporate an editorial comment, and red colouring used where a selection has to be made by the person drafting the order.

The orders contained in the Handbook can be created and personalised using the associated website Purchasers of the Handbook can subscribe to for £39.99 per annum, a saving of £60, making it obvious that subscribers should buy the Handbook as well!

Volume 1 covers finance and enforcement including:

  • Financial Proceedings Directions Orders
  • Financial Remedy Final Orders
  • Miscellaneous Interim Remedies Orders
  • Enforcement Orders
  • Committal Related Orders
  • Arbitration Related Orders

Volume 2, covering children and other issues, will be published this Spring, when those orders are approved. I understand that purchasers of Volume 1 will get a discount on Volume 2, when it is available.

The Handbook can be purchased from Class Legal, here.