Book Review: Dictionary of Financial Remedies, 2018 Edition

Dictionary of Financial Remedies

Hess, Duckworth, Max & Kisser

£55* - Published by Class Legal: March 2018

As I have said here before, I'm afraid I don't have time these days to do full book reviews. I will therefore keep this short.

As I have explained before, the Dictionary of Financial Remedies is an A4 paperback (or digital edition, see below) book comprising (in this edition) 104 pages with some 71 entries, in alphabetical order, on various topics relevant to financial remedies, ranging from Add-Backs (you'll have to read the book if you don't know what they are) through such things as the Compensation and Sharing Principles, to Variation of Settlements. The publishers describe it as " a unique reference guide to the key concepts, cases and practice of financial remedies."

The Dictionary is updated each year. In addition this year it has new entries on the aforementioned Add-Backs, Chattels, Hadkinson Orders, International Enforcement, Jurisdiction, Special Contribution and Stockpiling Orders, all of which obviously makes it even more useful than before.

The Dictionary provides a handy and portable aide-memoire for anyone involved in financial remedies work. If you already have it, then you'll need the latest edition. If you don't have it, try it out - as I also said last year, you may just find it becoming an essential addition to your library.

Dictionary of Financial Remedies can be purchased from Class Legal, here. As usual, a digital edition is also available.

* If you get in quick and pre-order, the price is £45.