Mini Book Review: At A Glance 2018-2019

At A Glance

Essential Tables for Financial Remedies


£70 - Published by Class Legal: April 2018

As I've explained here previously, I don't have time these days to do full book reviews, so this will be short. Still, that is not such a problem, as At A Glance must surely already be well known to pretty well all family lawyers, most of whom no doubt already have at least one previous edition in their library.

For those few who are not familiar with it, here is my previous description: "At A Glance is an annual publication, comprising a number of tables which contain, as the subtitle says, essential information for financial remedies practitioners, ranging from interest rates, to Duxbury calculations, to statutory materials, and much more. The book is A4 sized and of modest length, making it easy to slip into the briefcase on the way to court."

This year's edition is of course fully updated. Unusually, there are no new tables this year, but the blurb on the back intriguingly tells us: "New this year - Winds of Change". If you want to find out what that is about, you will have to purchase a copy from Class Legal, here.