Crime in 2018 - How Does it Look in England and Wales?

Crime has always been and will always be a part of society. As the years go by and times change, the police are faced with the constant challenge of fighting new crimes, more-so with the arrival of digital technology and cyber-related offences. The authorities in England and Wales have done a fairly decent job of keeping a lid on crime levels, though the challenge is ongoing.

Recent Home Office figures have been rounded up by the Office of National Statistics to show just how crime in England and Wales looks in 2018. While some crimes are falling, there is a rise in some serious violent offences, including knife crime and sexual offences.

Legal specialists at Carter Moore Solicitors have constructed a visual representation of the recorded crime in England and Wales, based on the data released by the Home Office in October 2018.

Crime in England and Wales

Figures revealed how homicide, which includes murder, manslaughter and infanticide, was actually at the highest it’s been for more than 10 years, with a constant rise since 2014. Though this is a clear rise and increase in recorded murders, these numbers are also affected by the number of people caught by the police.

It’s tough to decipher exactly how much this crime has risen in line with how many more people were brought to justice by the authorities. The same goes for the increase in violent crimes and crimes which involve a sharp object or knife - the rates have indeed gone up, but this represents the number of criminals caught by police, so whether or not there are more people committing these crimes remains unseen.

Computer misuse has dipped

Cyber crimes and crimes involving technology are well and truly a part of modern life now. The police recorded a large number of offences connected to computer misuse, for example, though it’s actually down by a substantial 31% (to 1,239,000). In very much the same fashion as mentioned above, this doesn’t offer a clear picture as to whether or not fewer crimes are being committed - more the number of people that have been caught and brought to justice.

Violence and injury

There has been a rise in the number of recorded incidents where someone has been injured through violence, and the ONS figures have claimed that violent crimes involving knives are increasing.

It was recorded that there was a 12% rise in such crimes where a knife or sharp weapon was used, and are connected to crimes such as rape and robbery as well as murder. The BBC reported that there were 40,000 of these crimes documented last year.

Been involved in a crime?

There are thousands of people every day who end up involved in a crime in one way or another. If you have been accused of a crime or you know someone who has, there is help and advice available. Find out more here.