Silo working: Good intentions bought the farm

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

I must be getting too old for this caper. I had intended to have a brief glance at the final report of the 'expert panel' Assessing Risk of Harm to Children and Parents in Private Law Children Cases, published today, and set out a few comments.

But I did not get very far.

I'm afraid my will to live was lost somewhere between the jargon (I thought 'silo working' was something that farmers did), the platitudinous statements, and the cretinous diagrams that sadly populate such reports these days.

Yes, I'm sure there are some ideas in there that are as good as the intentions of the authors, but I don't really want to read of yet more guidance, re-hashed ideas and, most laughably, calls for more funding.

Accordingly, if you seek more information about the report, you will not find it here.

Instead, interested readers can form their own opinions by reading the original.