Preparing the divorce lawyer for the narcissist’s behaviour

The problems that narcissistic behaviour can cause in divorce proceedings are increasingly recognised by family law professionals. Many now think it is a form of emotional abuse and campaigners are seeking to get it defined as such in the Domestic Abuse Bill that is currently going through Parliament.

 Acting for or against a narcissistic client can also cause havoc with your normal working practices and with the expected divorce and financial provision timetables. How and why is that? Well Karin Walker and Dr Supriya McKenna, authors of two new books on the subject - Narcissism and Family: A Practitioner's Guide, written for family law professionals and Divorcing a Narcissist: the lure, the loss and the law, written for clients - explain a few of the  the behaviours a family lawyer can expect to encounter in a recent episode of their podcast tackling the topic. Listen to it below:

The podcast now runs to seven episodes covering a variety of aspects of narcissism in family law from ways to spot a narcissistic client to what forms of dispute resolution can be attempted. You can listen to all episodes now on Spotify.

Of course, these issues are covered in more detail in the books. They were published in March and are available now from Bath Publishing. And to celebrate launch, if you order before 12th April a free digital edition of each book is included in the price.