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Celebrity is a powerful drug - the more celebrity you have, the greater the craving for more, by Marilyn Stowe

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Marilyn Stowe was the senior partner of the UK’s largest family law firm which she founded from a converted shop in East Leeds in 1982. She worked nationally and internationally until February 2017 when she sold her firm to private equity and left private practice.
During her career she represented thousands of clients, including some of the best known in the country, gaining a reputation as one of the top family lawyers in the UK. She appeared regularly on national TV radio and across the media for over 30 years.
In this post she considers the cult of celebrity and pursuit of fame.
Celebrity is a powerful drug. The more celebrity you have, the greater the craving for more.
It can start off easier nowadays with the advent of reality TV. Many new celebrities are literally plucked from obscurity and incredibly, become famous overnight going on to earn a lot of money.
They appear on TV and social media with increased regularity, until the celebrity seems to live thei…

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