Family Lore Focus

Whilst Family Lore does have some serious content in it, Family Lore Focus is its completely serious side, containing links to family law news, legislation, cases, articles, blog posts and podcasts.

Family Lore Focus takes its contents from blogs, including Family Lore News, Family Lore Case Digest, Family Lore Articles and Family Lore Blogs. Those blogs contain links to freely available family law content from the web, which I collect regularly each day from every source that I am aware of including family law sites, general law sites, blogs, newspapers, Bailii and many others, thus saving the reader from checking many sites, and (hopefully) ensuring that nothing of significance is missed by checking only one or two sources.

Family Lore Focus has a free weekly email Newsletter, which anyone can subscribe to here, simply by giving their name and email address.

Links to news items, cases and articles also appear on the Family Lore Focus Twitter feed, @familylaw.