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Z v Z: Imprisoned father granted indirect contact with children

Image: Public Domain, via Piqsels It must be a not uncommon occurrence, but from my recollection the issue of contact with an incarcerated parent rarely arises in reported cases. The decision of Mr Justice MacDonald in Z v Z is therefore of some significance. The judgment is quite lengthy and in order to summarise it I am going to concentrate on certain aspects and ignore, or at least skim over, others. In particular the case raises a substantial issue as to whether the prison governor may refuse to comply with a contact order made by the Family Court - I will not be detailing that, concentrating instead on the 'children issue' - i.e. the issue of whether contact should take place at all. And in this case we are referring only to indirect contact, that being the issue for the court to determine. OK, so to the background: 1. The case concerns two children, a girl now aged 16 and a boy now aged 14. 2. The father was arrested in 2011, and taken from the family home whilst the chi

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