THE FIRM: Chapter 12 - Flight

THE SHARD, Ronnie and Reggie Molotov's luxury apartment.

Naturally, Ronnie and Reggie took a rather dim view of what Mike McCheap had just told them about how Venal & Grabbit had been overcharging them.

"Nobody messes with Ronnie Molotov." Said Ronnie Molotov.

"I think we should pay Edgar Venal a visit." Said Reggie Molotov. He scanned the view out of the window, straining to pick out Venal & Grabbit's office.

"Shall I bring my Peter Andre tapes with me?" Said Ronnie, with a wicked grin.

"I don't think we'll need to resort to torture." Replied Reggie. "Just a little violent retribution..."

*            *            *

At the offices of Messrs. Venal & Grabbit, Solicitors, Edgar Venal has just arrived back from Mustique.

No sooner than he sits down at his desk, his telephone rings. He sees that it is an internal call from Bill Devastator, Head of Security at Venal & Grabbit. He picks up the receiver.

"Bill?" He says. "Mission accomplished?"

Devastator hesitates.

"Bill?" Edgar asks again, sensing trouble.

"I'm sorry, Mr Venal." Replies Devastator. "He got away."

"What?" Says Edgar, his voice rising. "You mean - he got to The Firm?"

"I'm afraid so, Mr Venal." Says Devastator.

"Bloody hell!" Exclaims Edgar. "They're going to be after me - I've got to get out of here!"

Edgar slams the phone down. He realises he is starting to sweat.

He grabs his briefcase and some keys from his desk, and heads to Venal & Grabbit's strong room. Once there, he makes his way past the shelves of deeds and dusty old wills to his private safe, at the back of the room.

He opens the safe and fills his briefcase with as much client money as he can cram in. He then forces the briefcase shut, wipes the sweat from his forehead and heads downstairs to Venal & Grabbit's underground car park, where he left his Bentley only minutes earlier.

As he enters the car park, Edgar senses there might be someone else there, hiding in the shadows. He calls out: "Who's there?"

"Hello Edgar." Says a voice. The unmistakeable figure of Reggie Molotov emerges from the shadows.

Edgar tries to make a run for it. He drops his briefcase and rushes towards the exit.

What he does not know, but quickly finds out, is that Ronnie Molotov is blocking the exit.

Edgar stops in his tracks, frozen with fear...