Something for the Weekend: Pachelbel's Canon

For a very good friend who recently lost loved ones. If you see this, I hope it brings a little comfort.

(Yes, I know the piece is of course by Pachelbel and not by J S Bach, as the video suggests.)


  1. Beautiful piece of music, John, and I remember learning it on guitar many years ago. I've just noticed that the accompaniment on this setting gives it a mild reggae back beat- not sure how that would work out although I'm sure someone has tried it.

    There is setting of an "Elegaic melody" called "The last spring" by Grieg which you should enjoy if you haven't already listened to it. It has the same build up of strings and an exquisite melody that does the title justice.

    1. Thanks. Yes, that is a beautiful piece too.

  2. Absolutely beautiful. Many thanks.


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