THE RAINMAKER: Chapter 1 - The Young Man

DICK SHIFTY, paralegal, was partial to a McGreasyburger. Most days when he was not in court he would slip into the local restaurant for a swift Big Greasy, and today was no exception.

As he sat down to enjoy his purchase he could not help noticing a young McGreasyburger employee at the adjacent table, with his head buried in a pile of legal textbooks.

Dick knew the books well enough, having studied for and failed his law exams too often to mention (most recently last year, 1979). Their titles caused a shiver to run down his spine: Gritty on Contracts, Smith and Jones's Criminal Law and Cul de Sac on Torts.

His interest piqued, Dick turned to the young man. "What's a McGreasyburger employee doing reading those?" He asked.

The young man explained that he had recently passed his law exams and was working at McGreasyburger while he was waiting to find Articles, so he could complete his solicitor's training. He needed the money to pay off the loans he had taken out to get through law college, and was re-reading his law books during his lunch hour to 'keep his hand in' while he waited.

Dick Shifty was impressed. "So you're looking for Articles?"


"I may be able to help."

"Really?" Said the young man eagerly.

"Sure." Replied Dick. "I work for a law firm, and I'm sure my boss could find a place for you."

"That would be great!" Exclaimed the young man.

"Good." Said Dick. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Grabbit," said the young man, "Ebenezer Grabbit."