THE RAINMAKER: Chapter 4 - Proceedings Are Issued

AT THE OFFICES of Messrs. Amber, Lance & Chaser, Solicitors, Ebenezer is telling Sly Amber all about his new case.

"Possible brain damage, eh?" Says Sly, imaginary cash registers ringing in his head (Amber, Lance & Chaser will receive 10% of any damages awarded).

"Oh, I'm sure of it." Lied Ebenezer, eager to impress.

"Liability has been denied, of course?" Asked Sly.

"Yes." Replied Ebenezer. "They say our client's car reversed into theirs."

"A likely story." Said Sly, even though he had heard it done many times - he didn't want to shatter the youthful idealism of his new recruit. "Who are the insurers?" He asked.

"A company called 'No Benefit'." Replied Ebenezer.

"No Benefit, eh?" Said Sly thoughtfully.

"Yes." Said Ebenezer. "Is that a problem?"

"No." Said Sly reassuringly. "But you'll have to watch their lawyers, Shark, Finn & Co. Nasty bunch. And once they get wind of the possible size of our claim, the case will be taken on by their Senior Partner, Jack "Jaws" Shark."

"Jack "Jaws" Shark?" Said Ebenezer nervously.

"Yeah, Jaws Shark is the most ruthless lawyer you're likely to come across in your entire career. He would push his own mother under a bus if it meant a successful damages claim."

Ebenezer gulped.

"Still, I can handle him." Said Sly. "You just get down to the court and get this claim issued."

"Will do, Mr Amber." Said Ebenezer.