You, too, can be outraged by Edgar Venal

Outraged of Tunbridge Wells
Edgar Venal has been a regular contributor to Twitter since he joined that esteemed organisation three and a half months ago.

During that time, he has made quite a few friends, obviously anxious to glean what they can from his many years experience of being the country's top family lawyer.

However, not everyone has been prepared to accept the word of the Master, and some have even had the temerity to unfollow him (a couple of feeble souls have even blocked him!). Only today, a certain barrister who shall not be named took exception to one of Edgar's pearls of wisdom and foolishly clicked the 'Unfollow' button. It is her loss (particularly as Edgar levies a charge for those who unfollow him).

Of course, if you are made of sterner stuff, then you can follow the Great Man, here.