30 years transforming the face of family law

"Marking 30 years of Resolution. With contributions from founder members and past and present Chairs, this video highlights the contributions the organisation has made over the past three decades."


  1. Yes all 7 video views, I have posted the following on their Youtube Channel, whether it will remain posted we shall see.
    "In thirty years how many solicitors have been expelled as result of non conformance to the code of practice, how many have been disciplined for the same. What outside auditing of members is now undertaken, what quality of outcome measures do you have in place, in short, apart from paying the subscription fee what follow up on participating solicitors does Resolution have in place apart from glitzy advertising for all?

    1. Well, I'm not here to answer for Resolution (although I was a long-time member, until I stopped practising), but I think it has always been about trying to persuade lawyers that a different approach was preferable for family work, rather than forcing them to adopt that approach. As for outcomes, is it not self-evident that a constructive, non-confrontational approach is likely to produce better results?

      I've never quite understood why people don't support what Resolution is trying to do, rather than attack the organisation.

    2. No John, what is defined is a quality system, if you like the code of practice is the ideal scenario, the quality standard, but there are no measures of conformance or quality of outcome, there isn't even a complaints book, the only criteria is payment and beyond that anything goes in the way in which a participating solicitors conducts themselves.
      From personal experience a member of the SFLA who claimed to be an accredited mediator for the SFLA, which later turned out to be untrue, as well as a least three other factual inaccuracies in his advertised persona, who took no regard of the practice, in fact quite the contrary and to cap it all I can prove beyond doubt that he allowed crucial evidence to be presented to a court that he knew beyond doubt was untrue. He is still a member, no investigation, no report, zillcho!! You cant complain about the other guys solicitor that is pretty dysfunctional complaints procedure in itself IMO.

    3. There are always going to be a few who pay lip service to the Code, but that is hardly a reason to denigrate the entire organisation and what it does.

      I'm not sure what you are seeking, as even if a member was expelled, that would not stop them from practising. Of course, if there has been a breach of the SRA Code of Conduct, then that is a different matter.

  2. The implications of the "odd few" who misuse the code of practice are only too real to those families on the receiving end of it.
    To me the humble muppet, Resolution is just a political lobby group until such a point in time is reached when it becomes a proper quality system with external auditing of members and procedures, with measures for quality of outcome.
    It is unbelievable that the legal profession have such lack luster attitudes to quality of divorce and family law when I know from personal experience you couldn't sell a lasagne to sainsbury's with such poor quality systems.
    How does it go " we are professionals working in difficult circumstances, there will always be the disgruntled few but on the whole.....blah Blah, but we professionals", I think the same arguments were used by the police before the INDEPENDENT Police authority took over complaints about the police......Solicitors clearly can not regulate themselves in divorce as it quite simple to have quality systems just the same as surgeons in hospitals, the airline industry, infact just about everyone has quality systems except SOLICITORS, why is that.

    Thanks for letting me post

    1. I think you are confusing the regulation of Resolution with the regulation of the profession, but thank you for your views anyway.

  3. conflating rather than confusing


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