THE RAINMAKER: Chapter 10 - Result

AT THE OFFICES of Messrs. Amber, Lance & Chaser, Solicitors, Ebenezer is overjoyed.

He has just got back from court, where the final hearing of Vic's claim has taken place. The judge found in Vic's favour and awarded him damages of £1 million, of which Amber, Lance & Chaser will get 10%, of which Ebenezer will get 10%, more than enough to repay his loans.

It is the biggest damages award that Amber, Lance & Chaser have ever won for a client.

"Dr Ethical's report did it!" Ebenezer exclaims, hugging Dick.

"Well, I wouldn't get too excited." Says Dick.

"Why not?" Asks Ebenezer, with a frown.

"It looks like we're all out of a job." Says Dick. "The Law Society have got wind of the fact that Sly is no longer here to run the place. They're shutting us down."

"Oh." Says Ebenezer, crestfallen.

The pair look at each other, neither knowing what to say.

The silence is broken by a telephone ringing. Ebenezer picks it up.

It is Edgar Venal. He's heard of Ebenezer's big win (news travels fast, thought Ebenezer), and he's impressed.

"You know," says Edgar, "I could use a lawyer like you here at Venal & Co."

"Oh really?" Says Ebenezer, trying to contain his excitement - a job offer from the country's top family lawyer doesn't come around often.

"Yes." Says Edgar. "In fact, after this, you're going to be hot property. I don't want to lose you, so I'm going to make you an offer you can't refuse."

"Oh really!" Exclaims Ebenezer, no longer containing his excitement.

"Yes." Says Edgar. "I'm going to offer you a partnership - after you've qualifed, of course."

Edgar was right: Ebenezer couldn't refuse that offer.