THE RAINMAKER: Chapter 7 - Thrown Out

AT THE OFFICES of Messrs. Amber, Lance & Chaser, Solicitors, Dick Shifty is in a state of some excitement.

"Have you heard the news?" He asks.

"No - what news?" Replies Ebenezer.

"Judge Dodgy has been arrested!" Exclaims Dick.

"Arrested?" Asks Ebenezer. "What for?"

"Receiving bribes!" Announces Dick.

"Wow!" Says Ebenezer.

"Yeah," says Dick, "it seems the police got an anonymous tip-off, from a foreign phone number."

"Where?" Asks Ebenezer.

"Oh, Mustique, or some such place." Says Dick. "And do you want to hear the best bit?" He asks.

"What?" Asks Ebenezer.

"Guess who has taken over Judge Dodgy's cases?" Asks Dick.

"Who?" Asks Ebenezer.

"Only Judge Scrupulous, the straightest, most honest judge on the bench!" Exclaims Dick.

"Wow!" Says Ebenezer.

"Yeah, and it's well known that he hates Jaws Shark - he won't let Jaws get away with any of his usual tricks!"

"Wow!" Says Ebenezer.

£            £            £

Sure enough, Jaws Shark makes no headway with Judge Scrupulous at the hearing of his striking out application, which is promptly thrown out.

Ebenezer is jubilant. Now he just has to win the case and he can repay his loans...