...AND JUSTICE FOR NONE: Chapter 3 - Ethics

NEEDLESS TO SAY, Arthur's courtroom antics did not escape the attention of the Bar Council.

Bringing the profession into disrepute. The last thing Arthur had intended when he entered the profession with such high expectations.

The hearing before the Bar Council had been short, with a mortified Arthur not contesting the charge. Instead, he was treated to a lecture upon ethics, and the high standards expected of members of the Bar. Arthur had left with his tail between his legs.

As he trudged out of the building, Arthur bumped into one of the panel members he had just been before, Baroness Leech.

As Arthur got talking to Baroness Leech, it quickly became clear to him that she was sympathetic towards him.

"You know," she said, "I admire you for saying what you did to Judge Dodgy."

Arthur was taken aback. "Really?" He said.

"Yes," continued Baroness Leech, "it's about time someone said something about him."

"You - you mean all the rumours about him taking bribes are true?" Asked Arthur.

"Oh yes," replied Baroness Leech, "it's just that nobody has been prepared to confront him about it."

"But if the Bar Council know what he's been up to, why don't they confront him?" Asked Arthur.

"Ah," replied Baroness Leech, "old boy network. One doesn't go against one's own."

Arthur was stunned.

"Still," continued the Baroness, "I don't think it will be long before Judge Dodgy gets his come-uppance."

With that, the Baroness swiftly hailed a taxi and was gone, leaving a bemused Arthur standing by the kerb.