...AND JUSTICE FOR NONE: Chapter 4 - A Proposal

IN CHAMBERS, 14 Little Graymatter Square. Jolyon Potty comes rushing into Arthur's room.

"Have you heard the news?" He exclaims.

"What news?" Asks Arthur.

"Judge Dodgy has been arrested and charged with accepting bribes!" Exclaims Jolyon.

"Wow!" Says Arthur.

At that very moment Arthur's phone rings. To his amazement, it is Judge Dodgy on the other end.

"Judge... Dodgy...," says Arthur hesitantly, "w-what can I do for you?" Jolyon looks at Arthur with an expression of incredulity.

"Well," says Judge Dodgy, "have you heard my news?"

"Ah," replies Arthur, "about your arrest? Yes, I have. How can I help?"

"I want you to represent me." Says Judge Dodgy.

Arthur is too stunned to reply.

"Did you hear me?" Asks Judge Dodgy.

"Y-Yes." Replies Arthur. "But why me? I don't understand."

"It's obvious." Says Judge Dodgy. "It's well known that you dislike me, and that you think I accept bribes. Who better to represent me on a bribery charge? Nobody will believe I'm guilty with you representing me."

Well, at least he's honest about that. Thinks Arthur.

"What do you say?" Asks Judge Dodgy, insistently.

Arthur doesn't know what to say. "Let me think about it." He replies.