Friday, June 21, 2013

...AND JUSTICE FOR NONE: Chapter 8 - Evidence of Guilt

IN CHAMBERS, 14 Little Graymatter Square. Arthur Conscience is preparing Ian O'Cent's appeal against sentence, when he is interrupted by his clerk, Frankie Spiv.

"Got a letter for you, Mr Conscience." Says Frankie, handing Arthur a brown envelope.

Arthur examines the envelope. It has an unusual postmark - looks like 'Mustique', but Arthur can't be sure. He opens the envelope. It contains two things: a cassette tape and a small piece of paper upon which is typed: "Thought you might find this interesting."

Intrigued, Arthur plugs the cassette into his new Sony Walkman (Arthur is the proud owner of the latest must-have gadget) and presses 'Play'.

The recording is somewhat crackly. It begins with the sound of a phone ringing. Then a voice answers:

"Judge Dodgy." Now Arthur IS interested.

"Hello, Judge." Says a sleazy-sounding voice that Arthur doesn't recognise.

"Who is this?" Asks Judge Dodgy.

"You don't need to know who I am." Says the voice. "I've got a proposal for you."

"Oh yes?" Says Judge Dodgy.

"Yes." Says the voice. "I'm calling on behalf of Mr Crooked, the landlord who's in court for throwing a young family out on the street."

"I know the case." Replies Judge Dodgy. "I'm hearing it next week."

"I know." Says the voice. "And I'm prepared to offer you a grand for finding it in my client's favour."

"I think I can see my way to doing that." Replies Judge Dodgy.

"Good." Says the voice, and the recording goes dead.

"Bloody hell." Mutters Arthur.

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