...AND JUSTICE FOR NONE: Chapter 9 - A Lawyer's Duty

IN CHAMBERS, 14 Little Graymatter Square. Judge Dodgy has arrived for the final pre-trial conference.

Arthur notices that the Judge appears to be in particularly good spirits, apparently convinced that he will be acquitted. Wait until you hear what I've got. Thought Arthur.

"I see Sir Marmaduke D'Ranged QC will be hearing the case." Says Judge Dodgy. "Isn't he a friend of yours?"

"Yes." Replies Arthur. "He used to be my Pupil Master."

"Excellent!" Says Judge Dodgy. "Even more likely to find in our favour!"

Arthur is a little annoyed by this. "I think you will find Sir Marmaduke is quite incapable of bias." He says pointedly.

Judge Dodgy gives Arthur a withering look that says: "Don't be impertinent, young man."

Arthur ignores that. "Now," he says, "I've got something I want you to hear."

He plays the tape.

To Arthur's disappointment, Judge Dodgy doesn't bat an eyelid.

"That is you on the tape, isn't it?" Asks Arthur.

"Oh yes." Says Judge Dodgy nonchalantly.

"Then doesn't it prove your guilt?" Asks Arthur, with a touch of exasperation.

"Oh yes." Says Judge Dodgy nonchalantly.

"But doesn't that change everything?" Asks Arthur.

"It doesn't change a thing." Replies Judge Dodgy coolly. "It's still your duty as my lawyer to do your best to get me acquitted, and that's just what you're going to do."

Arthur doesn't know what to say. The words "Defend the Children of the Poor & Punish the Wrongdoer" keep going through his head.