Friday, July 12, 2013

Yet more from our President...

The outpourings from the pen of our prolific President continue apace. Appearing today on the FLBA website (for some reason, the FLBA seem to get these things even before they appear on the Judiciary of England and Wales website) are the following further delights:

  • View from the President's Chambers (4) - The process of reform : an update
    - In which our esteemed leader brings us up to date regarding the single Family Court, the PLO, transparency, Family Orders and bundles.
  • Draft Practice Guidance on Transparency in the Family Courts and Court of Protection
    - In which the President makes up for the lack of Guidance he has recently given to the profession, by giving us guidance on (you've guessed it) transparency.
  • Family Orders Project House Rules
    - In which rules are set out for the standardisation of orders.


*          *          *

UPDATE: There's more guidance! Missing from the FLBA website but now available on the Judiciary site are two further annexes to the View, containing the President's guidance on allocation and gatekeeping, and a schedule to that guidance. Get reading...

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