Monday, August 12, 2013

Blogger for hire

As any long-time follower of this blog will know, I gave up practising in 2009. Since then, I have been occupying myself full-time running this blog and its companion site Family Lore Focus, relying for my (very modest) income upon what I could earn from writing and, primarily, from advertising.

For a while this worked reasonably well. As mentioned, I only made a modest income but I survived by living frugally. However, over the last year or so my income has declined, mainly for reasons entirely beyond my control.

Now the decline has reached a point where I am going to have to look elsewhere for a living. Inevitably, this is going to mean a reduction in what I am able to do in connection with the blog and site, and possibly even shutting one or both down completely.

However, before I take any such steps I thought I would ask whether there is anyone out there who may think that I can provide them with a (non-practising) service, utilising the skills and knowledge I have gained in the seven years since Family Lore was established (not to mention my 25 years practising family law), in such a way as to enable me to continue with the blog/site.

The blog and site are primarily aimed at providing a family law news service. Accordingly I can, for example, provide you with family law news updates tailored to particular requirements, or perhaps news-based content for your firm's blog.

Obviously, I would require remuneration for any service I provide, the amount negotiable, dependent particularly upon how much time I spend providing the service.

If you are interested, or if you would like to discuss any proposals you have, please email me at john[at]

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