Friday Review: Good news, bad news, no news

Notable things this week:

Once again, not a lot to extract from the holiday news near-vacuum, but here goes...

This week's prize for the most profound family law news story must go to the Daily Express which informed us that: a) the cost of divorce is increasing and b) the most expensive lawyers are in London. Still I suppose the story did give some excellent but I'm sure entirely unplanned publicity (see also here) to the online divorce site who carried out the instructive research that gave us these fascinating insights.

My tweet of the week is this gem from the BBC:
What would we do without the BBC bringing us the really big stories? (I hope for their sake that all of the people who 'favorited' this tweet were being ironic.)

There was good news and bad this week. Beginning with the bad, the Child Poverty Action Group informed us that the cost of bringing up a child has risen to an eye-watering £148,000. More particularly, it has increased by 4% over the last year, out-stripping both benefit increases and average earnings, by a considerable margin.

The good news was on the adoption front, with the latest statistics showing the biggest annual increase in the number of adoptions for fifteen years. The figure of 5,206 represented a 9.8% increase on 2011. Unsurprisingly, the Office for National Statistics suggested that the rise 'could be down to a recent drive to improve the adoptions process in England and in Wales'. Music, I'm sure, to the ears of Mr Gove.

Meanwhile, the Young divorce continues to generate media interest. This week The Independent asked how Scot Young, who appears now to be losing his hair as fast as his money, can afford to finance "the UK's most high-profile divorce hearing". The newspaper claims that he has engaged the services of Raymond Tooth, a claim Sears Tooth have refused to confirm, citing 'the duty of confidentiality'. The paper has also been investigating the case and reveals "more peculiarities" about it. Hopefully, some light will be shed upon these matters when the case returns to court for the final hearing in October.

And finally, Spear's told us on 'Wealth Wednesday' (wealthy for who? - certainly not me) of another Russian divorce case that 'cements London as [the] divorce capital of the world'. Strangely, I can find no mention of it being the 'divorce capital of the world' on the official visitor guide website - I really don't understand why such a proud boast isn't being utilised by those promoting our great city.

Have a good Bank Holiday weekend.