A message for the #familylawtweetup

Dear Tweetuppers,

I'm sorry that you cannot afford to have me there with you tonight. It would have been so good for you to see me. Still, I expect that your disappointment will wear off. Eventually.

Notwithstanding my absence, it is extremely gratifying that you are paying homage tonight to such a serious medium as Twitter, for what would we be but for those 140 characters? Imagine how empty our lives would be without all of those wonderful tweets from our fellow lawyers. Who could forget, for example, the tweets authoritatively repeating family law news for the 100th time, or the tweets extolling the virtues of our divorce services for clients, that only our lawyer followers ever read?

I would also like to congratulate you on seizing upon the business networking opportunities offered by Twitter. It is always satisfying to see new technologies appropriated by the professionals.

As for charging £30 to attend a tweetup, I shall say no more than that I can remember the days when mad fools arranged free tweetups - can you believe that?

Anyway, I hope that you still have a reasonably enjoyable evening, despite the absence of the country's #topfamilylawyer - i.e., me.

Yours etc.,

Sir Edgar Venal,
Slaver's Plantation Villa,