Something for the Weekend: Monty Python - Four Yorkshiremen

I have to admit that I didn't meet anyone like this during my all-too-brief but highly enjoyable trip to God's Own County this week:


  1. Just as long as you did not think you were in the North, which begins at the Tees.

    Some years ago I was dealing with a solicitor in Leeds, splendid man but inclined to come the professional Yorkshireman. I should say that I am London-based as were my client and his, both present at the colloquy which follows:

    “You must forgive me” he said “if I speak plainly as people do where I come from, but your client must either shit or get off the pot”.

    “I could not disagree”, said I, “but I must tell you that where I come from we regard where you come from as the better end of the Home Counties.”

    “Indeed, and where do you come from?”


    “Then I’ve got good news for you”

    “What’s that, then?”

    “Recent research has conclusively established that the monkey WAS a French spy!”

    Whereupon we both lost it, while our Southern contemporaries stood and stated and wondered what on earth was going on . . .

    "You must foi

    1. Thank you. I shall bear that in mind if ever I venture north of the Tees...


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