What I've been writing about this week(-ish) on the Marilyn Stowe Blog

OK, I've been meaning to do this every week, but time flies when you're having fun, and it has already been nearly three weeks since I started writing for the Marilyn Stowe Blog. What have I been up to?

Here are my posts from the last two weeks:

Child contact centre campaign - a look at the campaign to promote the statutory provision of funding to child contact centres.

Where is the family court? - a search for the new single family court.

Take the money and… apply for retrospective approval - a look at the Court of Protection case MJ and JM v The Public Guardian.

Silver divorces and faux friends - a post about meddling children of 'silver splitters'.

What are family lawyers are talking about this week? - well, last week, actually.

MMR vaccination and the welfare of children - a look at F v F.

The scourge of the credit card - the effect of credit card debt upon relationship breakdown.

Justice in an age of austerity? - a summary of Lord Neuberger's speech.

The effect of litigation upon children - a look at the S-K (Children) case.

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