Camelot and the end of a dream

"Everyone remembers where they were when Kennedy was assassinated." Well, I don't - I was only five years old.

I am also not particularly interested in politics.

Why, then, have I always been fascinated by Kennedy and his death? I have read numerous books and watched countless videos and documentaries (until a few years ago they appeared on our TV screens every November the 22nd).

I suppose that it is just that, despite all of the man's flaws I, like countless others, have been caught up in the whole 'Camelot' ideal, together with the tragedy and mystery of his demise.

There are other things, too. The drama of the Cuban missile crisis, the inspiration of his speeches such as the 'we choose to go to the Moon' speech above (particularly meaningful to one who subsequently followed the Apollo space prgramme so avidly) and more than anything the way he seemed to represent real hope for the future. Unfortunately, that hope was largely dashed.

Nevertheless, fifty years on from those awful events in Dallas, today I will still raise a glass to what might have been.