Young v Young: "About as bad an example of how not to litigate as any I have ever encountered"

Well, here it is. The long-anticipated judgment in Young v Young.

As the judgment will be dissected by others far more learned than what I am, I shall not go into any detail here. The basics are that Mr Justice Moor found that Mr Young's net assets are £40 million, and he therefore awarded Mrs Young half of that, i.e. £20 million, payable within 28 days

Obviously, we are all wondering how Mrs Young is to get her money. Mr Justice Moor had this to say on the subject:
"I realise that the Wife will have difficulties in enforcing my order. I only have two things to say. First, this debt will exist for all time. The Husband will never be free of it. It is very much in his interests to discharge it so he can move on. Second, I have rejected all the more fanciful allegations made against him. I cannot see how he would have complied with an order for a lump sum of £300 million let alone £400 million. I hope that he will take the view that he is better off paying the lower sum of £20 million so that he can then concentrate on rebuilding his life."
He was also highly critical of the way in which both parties conducted the case, as per the quote in the title to this post.