Friday Review: Brave new world

El Presidente
It seems that El Presidente has published the tenth vista out of his office window. I say 'seems', as it doesn't appear on the View from the President's Chambers page on the Judiciary of England and Wales website (and nor, come to that, does View #9). I would have thought that a document such as this should be for general consumption, but it appears that it is only sent to the chosen few, such as the FLBA and LexisNexis. Presumably they are on El Presidente's mailing list, but why such a document is not generally available is a mystery to me.

Anyway, as to the contents of the View, the chosen ones have already admirably summarised its contents, here and here. Basically, our glorious leader explains the brave new world that has apparently already dawned for those unfortunate enough to be working in the family justice system. Essentially, as Lucy Reed at Pink Tape points out, this will involve becoming familiar with an avalanche of new rules and guidance. If there was a god, I'd be thanking Him or Her that I was no longer practising.

Enjoy your Valentine's Day - oh, and don't enter into any commitments you may regret.