Friday Review: Love won't keep us together

'Love will keep us together' said the song. Well, as every divorce lawyer knows, there is no such thing as love, and this is confirmed not just by the divorce of Captain and Tennille, but also by the latest divorce statistics, showing an increase in the divorce rate. Despite the lurid headlines of a divorce every five minutes (the courts must have been running through the night to cope with the demand), I'm not sure that the increase is statistically significant, although some are blaming it upon the recession (personally, I blame everything on the recession). Still, any increase must be good news for us divorce lawyers...

Andrew Pack over at suesspiciousminds answers the question that I have wondered about ever since reading the President's transparency guidance - just how much will it cost to have all these judgments published? The figure he comes up with is over a million pounds, and that's excluding Court of Protection judgments. Hmm, not sure where that's going to come from. Perhaps Sir James could make a contribution from his £208,926 salary?

Lastly, The Guardian reports that our new Justice Minister Simon Hughes (obviously taking time off from his singing career) wants our courts to become more 'welcoming' places. How nice. Perhaps they could have a few more pot plants, and maybe a bar. We could even introduce star ratings. I particularly liked this quote from the great man: "I want our courts to be places where everyone feels they ... can get justice." He clearly has his finger on the pulse.