Friday Review: Mercifully quiet

It's been a mercifully quiet week for family law happenings. Perhaps everyone has jetted off for a half-term sojourn in the sun. Or maybe they're just gearing up for the big family law news event next week, when the Law Commission's report on Matrimonial Property, Needs and Agreements is published. Certainly, plenty of family lawyers seem to be wetting themselves on Twitter in excited anticipation.

Brave man
Lord Wilson, however, has been busy, and you have to admire him for what he has been up to. To give a speech in Belfast in which you profess the view not just that gay marriage is good for marriage generally but also that divorce can have its benefits must have taken some guts. Talk about going into the lion's den. I wonder, also, what Sir Paul Coleridge thought of it?

Lastly, @nickholmes and I had this somewhat surreal exchange on Twitter yesterday. I think one of us may have lost the plot, although I'm not entirely sure which one (click the link on the second tweet):

Have a good weekend.