Monday Review: Prenups, a petition and a blog

The Daily Mail appears to have got wind of the recommendation of the Law Commission in its marital property agreements project, the final report on which is due to be published on the 27th of February. According to the Mail, prenuptial agreements are to be "enshrined in law" (assuming, of course, that the Government accepts the recommendation). Now, you may not be happy about taking the word of the Daily Mail on this, but I believe that that rather more reputable publication The Times has run a similar story. Alas, that appears behind the Great Paywall of Murdoch, so I won't be linking to it.

Today and tomorrow parliament is debating the planned changes to the child maintenance system. As is well known, single parent charity Gingerbread is opposed to the changes, and is handing in a petition to that effect to the House of Commons at 2.30 today. In particular, Gingerbread is opposing the planned charges that are to be introduced, which it says will mean children will lose out. The Government counters this by saying that the charges will 'incentivise' parents to reach their own agreements. Whilst that may happen in some cases, I don't see that it will make the blindest bit of difference in the large number of cases where the absent parent (or whatever they are called now) has no intention of paying anything anyhow - why should they worry about being liable for charges, when they don't intend to pay child maintenance at all?

All family lawyers will surely be familiar with David Burrows. David has been speaking about and writing upon family law for as long as I can remember (I was one of the many hundreds of lawyers he spoke to). Now, David recently discovered this thing called THE INTERNET. Since then, he has taken Twitter by storm. However, he was clearly not content with that. Accordingly, he has just started his own blog, dbfamilylaw. The blog's strap-line tells us that its aim is 'a better family law', and this is confirmed by the brief bio which tells us that David is "serious about family law reform". If you are serious about family law at all, you should add the blog to your bookmarks.