Friday, March 21, 2014

Friday Review: Something old, something new

Apart from the cases, more of which below, it has been a mercifully quiet week in family law. Perhaps this was because El Presidente had to spend his time giving evidence to the Justice Select Committee, rather than producing more essential guidance for our directionless profession.

Of course, we can't get away with a week without feeling the benevolent effect of El Presidente's guiding hand. For example, his transparency diktat from January continues to bear fruit. Yesterday alone I counted no fewer than eleven new family law judgments appearing on Bailii. The problem with this for practitioners, of course, is that they don't have time to wade through so much material. Perhaps judgments could be marked to indicate whether or not they are worth reading. I suggest a numbered system from 1 to 5, indicating in descending order how important the judgment is. It could go something like this:
1 - If you don't read this, make sure your insurance is up to date.
2 - Probably a good idea to read this if you want to continue to call yourself a 'specialist'.
3 - Have a glance at this whilst eating your lunch.
4 - Don't bother unless you REALLY have nothing else to do.
5 - Complete waste of time, unless it was handed down by your local judge, who will expect you to have read it.
Meanwhile, Marilyn Stowe is the latest blogger to apply a makeover to her blog. Marilyn's big reveal took place last night, with Marilyn strutting down that staircase to the applause of the admiring onlookers. Or something like that. We are told that the new design is intended to make it easier to navigate the site, particularly for first-time visitors in search of legal advice and information. Accordingly "newcomers to the homepage will still find all the latest posts there, but they will also find signposts to point their way, based on their personal situations". An excellent idea, and certainly the site looks good. Perhaps it is time I applied a bit of make-up around here, but I am rather fond of the 'old tat' style of Family Lore...

Have a good weekend.

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