Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Wednesday Review: It's all about the money

A couple of pecuniary things...

Unsurprisingly, practitioners have warmly welcomed the response of the Senior Judiciary to the Ministry of Justice's consultation paper on reform of court fees (see, for example, this post on Pink Tape), in which they 'savaged' the Government's proposals to increase fees. As to the proposal that the fee on a divorce petition be increased to £750 the judiciary did not agree with this, pointing out that some people may not be able to afford to divorce, meaning that they would be forced to cohabit when they formed new relationships. All of which is particularly ironic given the second thing I wanted to mention:

Lord Freud
It seems that the 'cost of family breakdown to the country' is becoming a real bandwagon. The latest suspect to jump on is welfare minister Lord Freud, who claims that it could be costing the country up to £46 billion a year. £46 billion. I hope that makes all those awful people who have been selfish enough to allow their families to break down feel guilty. Speaking in the House of Lords, he also said that the Government should actively attempt to reverse what he called “major structural changes” in society away from marriage and towards cohabitation. More social engineering from those who know best. Anyway, isn't this the same Lord Freud whose book describing his lucrative career in the city has been described as "morally ambiguous" and who was criticised in The Guardian for his "withered meanness" in attempting to link the rise in food banks to greed rather than poverty? Hmm...

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