A Twitter-eye view of the new family justice system

As this momentous week draws to a close, I was wondering how our great new family justice system had been doing in its first few days. No longer practising myself, I turned to Twitter for lawyers' first impressions. Here are some of the tweets I found.

First of all we have a new court seal...
... hmm, rather underwhelming, I agree. Clearly, the designer was lacking inspiration that day.

The same tweeter also found the new family court itself somewhat underwhelming...

...and he was not alone:

The staff of the new court were also rather confused:

As I'm sure will be the many LiPs who use the court:

And on the subject of more LiPs, we have the new bundles practice direction:

Lastly, there are the new forms, that will so improve things:

Perhaps things will improve next week...

Until then, have a good weekend.


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