Tuesday Review: We're all going to be replaced...

A couple of things...

According to the managing director of self-representation advice service Family Court Support John Junk (yes, really), fee-charging McKenzie Friends (initialism: 'FCMFs') will replace family law solicitors. Mr Junk believes that FCMFs may eventually be able to offer legal aid in family law cases and that the family law sector will be dominated by organised and self-regulated FCMFs and counsel only. He calls this a "nightmare scenario" for solicitors. That it may be, but I'm not sure that it would exactly be good news for the public either...

Meanwhile, professional poker player 'Tony the Hitman Hakki' hit the headlines yesterday after winning an appeal against the decision of the Upper Tribunal that he was "gainfully employed" and therefore liable to pay child support maintenance for his children. Lord Justice Longmore tells us at the beginning of his judgment that Mr Hakki supports himself from his winnings at poker, but declines to support his children, despite being "apparently quite able" to do so. The decision may be a victory for the law, but it is certainly not for the children, although Lord Justice Longmore does suggest the possibility that Tony could yet be hit for child support by way of a departure direction.

(There have, of course, been momentous happenings in the family justice system of late and whilst I may have said little about them here, I have said rather more in 'another place', otherwise known as the Marilyn Stowe Family Law & Divorce Blog. For example:

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Image: Logan Ingalls via Flickr.