Friday Review: Has the silly season begun?

The two biggest news stories this week suggest to me that it might have done:

I suppose someone somewhere must have thought: "I've got a great idea for a TV programme - let's have two complete strangers meet for the first time at their wedding!" Unsurprisingly, Channel 4's new series Married at First Sight is attracting a little criticism, for undermining and trivialising marriage. A spokesman for Channel 4 defends the programme, saying that it is aimed to answer two questions: “Can science produce a successful relationship and can the act of marriage itself help create a psychological bond that leads to true and enduring love?” I suspect that ratings (boosted by the Streisand effect) may also have something to do with it. Still, I'm sure divorce lawyers won't be raising any objections...

Meanwhile, in more good news for divorce lawyers Katie Price announced on Twitter (where else?) that she was untying the knot for the third time. She informed her 1.9 million followers (yes, there really are 1.9 million people sad enough to follow her) that she was divorcing her third husband Kieran Hayler, who she accused of having an affair with her best friend. There is, of course, a tragedy unfolding here, especially for the children involved. It's just a shame that it has to unfold quite so publicly.

I trust that next week will bring with it news stories of rather more substance. Until then, have a great weekend.