The show must go on...

Well, it's been a strange day. At about 6pm last night we had a complete web outage which, it seems, will not be fixed until Monday, at the earliest. At first, of course, I fell into a panic, wondering how on Earth I would manage. Gradually, though, I began to appreciate the freedom of not being tied to my internet master. A return to a simpler way of life. However, this afternoon I realised that I had a duty to keep you good people informed of my efforts this week over on Marilyn Stowe's Family Law & Divorce Blog. I therefore succumbed to the purchase of a mobile Wi-Fi, which I am using to post this.

It has, of course, been a short week with the Bank Holiday, and I am therefore just listing three of my posts on Marilyn's blog:

Everything's going to be much better - It must be - Simon Hughes and Edward Timpson said so.

SK v TK: The sharing principle in action - The White v White sharing principle, as demonstrated by Mr Justice Moor in SK v TK.

Important cases: Miller and McFarlane - You guessed it, a look at Miller and McFarlane.

Right, I'm off for a weekend surfing on the mobile Wi-Fi enjoying the simple pleasures of an internet-free life. Have a good one.